Campolindo Instrumental Music

Music Director, Johnny Johnson

This first-level wind band draws experienced music students, primarily freshmen who studied at Joaquin Moraga Intermediate, Stanley Middle or other middle schools, but also older students who will benefit from the experience.

The advanced symphonic band includes winds, brass and percussion instrumentalists, primarily sophomores, juniors and seniors, although incoming freshmen may audition in the spring.  This band plays high school and college level repertoire.

Campolindo’s string orchestra includes freshmen through seniors and performs high school and college level repertoire.  Some repertoire, such as Beethoven’s symphonies, are performed with brass, wind and percussion musicians drawn from the symphonic band.

Entrance to Jazz Band is by audition only.  In addition to concerts and competitions, the jazz band also performs at the annual Jazz Dinner Dance. For this year’s Jazz Dinner Dance information, click the Concert Dates tab.

This advanced placement course is open to any sophomore, junior or senior interested in music.  It includes basic music theory and composing.

Campolindo’s musicians perform at Campolindo’s Performing Arts Center (CPAC) for all concerts and in the orchestra pit for the spring musical.

AUDITIONING for incoming freshmen students
Depending on the individual skill level, an 8th grade band student may want to join the Symphonic and Jazz Band right away. In that case, contact Mr. Johnson for an audition. Auditions are held in the spring and by appointment only.

THE CAMPOLINDO MUSIC BOOSTERS is the parent organization responsible for supporting Campo’s Instrumental Music program.  Membership dues and donations are used to help enrich the instrumental music program.  For more information, click the About Us tab.

Colleges, Conservatories & Music School Advice

College music
Thinking about studying music in college? There’s a host of issues specific to would-be music majors. So here are some resources to help steer you through the process, starting with a Music 101 guide that takes you from the college vs. conservatory decision through performing arts college fairs, performance resumes, applications and auditions. More info coming soon!

Concert Etiquette

To clap or not to clap? We’re supposed to clap for soloists during jazz band numbers, but get glared at if we applaud in the middle of an orchestral work or between movements. But we’re encouraged to clap during Sousa marches? What the-?

It’s all about tradition. Audiences generally show their appreciation for jazz soloists immediately after each solo. For orchestral or symphonic band works with multiple movements, wait until the end of the entire piece to applaud. Your cue? If the baton’s still in the air, the piece isn’t over yet. The conductor will lower his baton and turn around when the work is over. Sousa’s “Stars & Stripes Forever” is in a category of its own. If the conductor turns around, mid-piece, and starts clapping, you get to do it too.


Every year, I marvel at Mr. Johnson’s ability to put together such a great program in such a short period of time. Our Campolindo Instrument Music Program continues to thrive and grow, thanks to all of you, Music Boosters and MEF supporters. The time and support you give the program are what keeps Campo’s tradition of music alive, especially now. We are grateful to those Instrumental Music families who have already donated and encourage those families who have not yet done so to please donate through the Campo Web Store. We are hoping for 100% participation.


By Johnny Johnson, Music Director

We’re playing! After lots of tech set up and troubleshooting, everyone is now up and running in our online music platforms: SmartMusic and MusicFirst. We’re so grateful to AUHSD for paying for a district-wide subscription to the MusicFirst platform for all eight vocal and instrumental music programs as well as a premium subscription to SmartMusic for every instrumental music student in the district.

MusicFirst is a rich online environment that we’ve just begun to explore, with ready-made lessons in technique development, instrument care and maintenance, basic music theory, basic composition, ear training, sight reading, and improvisation.

The SmartMusic platform allows us all to play “together” (each student playing at home along with an accompaniment recording) and with their premium subscription, students can freely roam the site for solo repertoire and chamber music selections as well as exercises at all levels of difficulty.

For now, Symphonic Band and Concert Band have concentrated our efforts on these two platforms, while the Orchestra has begun on the other end of the spectrum with a recording project for the full group. Eventually, we will all have worked in each of the areas of focus in this distance learning environment: technique development, a solo project, a chamber music project, and a large group recording project. Whew! That’s ambitious. But better to strive and not quite make it than to slide into complacency and disconnection.

A special-shout out to the students on our Instrumental Music Council for really stepping up to plan new activities this year. We’re going to let them tell you about a few of them.

New Student-Run Website
By Amrita Malhotra, Co-Vice President (Band)

We’ve been developing a new Campo Instrumental Music website which can be accessed by both music students and parents. On the site, there are important updates about the program, resources for every instrument, a place for students to share music and form chamber groups with each other, information about Campo music service clubs and local youth bands/orchestras, and more. There is also a page for our music tutors who will soon be giving lessons to elementary/middle schoolers (see more below). The link to the website is

Campo Students to Offer Tutoring to Younger Musicians
By Julianna Meneses, Co-President (Orchestra)

Through Zoom and/or Google Hangouts, we would like to provide free music lessons to elementary and middle school music students in the Lamorinda area. We have a group of volunteers who are happy to teach and eager to share the gift of music. You can meet each one of them on our website at At the very bottom of the page, there’s an easy form to fill out and sign up for a lesson.

New Buddy System
By Connor Johnson, Co-President (Band)

We’ve begun to pioneer a new buddy system between our new music students and experienced veterans. During Covid we know it’s hard for kids to get that social contact with their colleagues within our music program, so starting this year, each freshman and new student will be paired up with an older buddy as a sort of mentor for Campo music. These buddies won’t necessarily be coordinated by instrument, as the goal of the buddy system is more to familiarize the younger buddies with the mechanics of music at Campo. Each younger buddy will fill out a short survey bio, in which the upperclassmen will be able to pick their buddy from. However, this will not be anything that is required to happen during school, because there are many more upperclassmen than new students. This will be our first big step towards building a better community within our program during distance learning.

Instrumental Music Boosters Donation Form 2021-2022

If you haven’t made your donation yet through the Webstore, or prefer to write a check, please print and complete the Music Boosters Donation Form.

Campo Instrumental Music Boosters Board & Committee Chairs 2021-22

President                  Amy Kikugawa
Vice President             OPEN
Treasurer                  Bill Doherty
Concert Attire             OPEN
Jazz Dinner Dance          Chris House, Wei Barck
Newsletter Layout          Tina Riepe
Photography                Vadim Mikulinsky
Publicity                  Siv Ricketts
Senior Gifts               OPEN             
At Large                   Reena Malhotra
                           Cynthia Manji 
                           Allyson Tomura           
Advisor                    Maestro Johnny Johnson, Director

Concert Attire


Boys’ Concert Attire
Boys in Concert Band are required to wear a black, long-sleeved, button down shirt; black dress pants; black dress shoes; black dress socks (crew-length or longer); and a tie of any color. A black coat is optional. These items may be purchased at the store(s) of your choice.

Boys in Orchestra, Symphonic Band, and both Jazz Bands will need to wear a tuxedo (jacket, slacks, shirt, cummerbund, bow tie, studs & cuff links), black dress shoes, and black dress socks (crew-length or longer).

Ordering information will be posted here when it becomes available.

Any questions, please contact

Girls’ Concert Attire
Girls in all instrumental music groups will need to wear black concert dresses and solid black, low-heeled shoes. Girls who already have the required dress do not need to order a new one. Cello players have the option to order a tunic w/long black pants, if desired.

Ordering information will be posted here when it becomes available.

Any questions, please contact

Dress & Tux Donations
We welcome any donations of concert dresses and tuxes that are still in good condition. If you would like to arrange for pick-up of donated items, or if you have questions about Concert Attire, please contact

Donation Form

Click here for current donation form.

Parent Music Boosters Info

Music Boosters play an integral role in enriching the music education of our students, and in building a music-supportive community within and beyond the walls of Campolindo. Although the Board positions are filled for the current year, we often need volunteers for specific events, such as helping the hospitality hosts manage the post-concert receptions, the Pops Potluck in October, finishing touches for the fantastic jazz dinner dance in February, and so on. We are also hoping this year to make it easier for students and families to coordinate attending together (if they so wish) some of the concerts students attend for the purposes of completing performance reviews. Volunteering as you are able with specific events, and becoming a Board member in the future, are great ways to get more familiar with Campolindo, its student musicians, and their parents and families. If you have questions or are interested in getting involved, please contact Denise Nomura, President.

For more information, please click the About Us tab.