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Colleges, Conservatories & Music School Advice

College music
Thinking about studying music in college? There’s a host of issues specific to would-be music majors. So here are some resources to help steer you through the process, starting with a Music 101 guide that takes you from the college vs. conservatory decision through performing arts college fairs, performance resumes, applications and auditions. More info coming soon!

Audition Tips

Prepping for county honor band auditions? Getting ready for a college or conservatory audition? Although audition advice is handy at any time of year, this is prime college audition season, so click here for “8 Audition Tips for Music Majors,” with advice from musicians, parents and former Juilliard admissions director Carole Everett, author of the College Guide for Performing Arts Majors.

Concert Etiquette

To clap or not to clap? We’re supposed to clap for soloists during jazz band numbers, but get glared at if we applaud in the middle of an orchestral work or between movements. But we’re encouraged to clap during Sousa marches? What the-?

It’s all about tradition. Audiences generally show their appreciation for jazz soloists immediately after each solo. For orchestral or symphonic band works with multiple movements, wait until the end of the entire piece to applaud. Your cue? If the baton’s still in the air, the piece isn’t over yet. The conductor will lower his baton and turn around when the work is over. Sousa’s “Stars & Stripes Forever” is in a category of its own. If the conductor turns around, mid-piece, and starts clapping, you get to do it too.