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Why Music? Voices in the Arts – Perspectives on the Importance of the Arts in Education

For more than a decade, intense interest in how the arts stimulate learning has engaged researchers. Their efforts show that the study of music, drama, writing, dance and the visual arts helps excite and reinforce learning in subjects beyond the arts, like math, English and science.  Yet, as budgets shrink, the arts have been withdrawn from many of our schools and classrooms.
We need to change this.  Arts education is not a frill; it is beneficial to every student.
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Arts at the Core – The College Board is promoting the performing arts in our schools

Art has the power to help students understand and shape the world. However, arts education in America’s schools, colleges and universities is facing an escalating crisis which, if not dealt with soon, will deepen in both intensity and gravity. It will continue to directly and adversely affect the quality of education available to our students and the well-being of our nation.

To reverse this trend, the College Board established the National Task Force on the Arts in Education (NTFAE) to address the opportunities and challenges facing arts education in the United States. The College Board is committed to making the arts accessible to all students.

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