Campo Music Boosters Board & Committee Chairs 2018-19

President                  Jennifer & Mel Gilmour
Vice President(s)          Denise Nomura
Concert Attire             Tina Donovan
Welcome Back BBQ           Cynthia Granicher & Laura Money Smyrl 
POPS Potluck               Amy Kikugawa & Laura Money Smyrl
Homecoming Snack Shack     Claudia Miyar & Michelle Clancy
Hospitality (Band)         Cheryl Evans & Jari Hazard
Hospitality (Orchestra)    Reena Malhotra & Kim Sutherland
Jazz Dinner Dance          Shelly Muray, Stacy Giglio & Christine Swihart
Senior Gifts               Erika Pringsheim-Moore
Publicity                  Kathy Torres
Webmaster & Email          Paul Derksen, Nanci Thomas
Newsletter Layout          Tina Riepe
Photography                Vadim Mikulinsky
Treasurer                  Bill Doherty
Advisor                    Maestro Johnny Johnson, Director

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