Open Board positions for 2014-’15

As you know, we have a large Boosters Board and many of our positions cover one specific event. I am  thrilled to inform you that Sonja Schoenwald has agreed to be the next President!
About half of the current Board members will be staying on, providing  valuable continuity and some positions have been filled in already by new members. The following positions are open for next year:
  1. VP – learn the ropes, take Minutes at the annual meeting in July/Aug, help the President when needed, be the President the following year
  2. Welcome Back BBQ – in Aug/early Sep. Organized by student music council but managed by a Booster member
  3. POPS Potluck – Organize helpers, buy cutlery/bread/water etc., set-up, host, clean-up
  4. Post-concert reception (Hospitality) – Need 4 parents – 2 each from Band and Orchestra – decorate tables, host, clean-up
  5. Publicity – Prepare flyers for each concert (concert details provided by Mr. Johnson), send flyers to other area schools/newspapers etc.
  6. Newsletter layout – Layout with pictures three newsletters per year. (Content provided by Mr. Johnson (“From the Podium”), the President, and the Photographer).  Make hard copies at school.
Please contact Chitra Suri (310-4252; chitrasuri AT hotmail DOT com) or contact the current Board member if you have any questions about a position. Some of these may sound overwhelming but they are all doable and fun! Nothing is new. Every event has been planned out and just needs a parent to make sure it actually happens. Campolindo prides itself on a strong music community – let’s keep that tradition alive and help Sonja fulfill her obligations next year with a fully engaged Board alongside her!
Thank you very much for your support!

Winter band concert photos & video

Many thanks to Kevin Goto for his photos and video of last week’s Winter Band Concert! Enjoy!!i=3098219578&k=MBDbJrt

Band concert and reception this Thursday, Feb. 27th

Just a reminder – we have another awesome set of performances coming up this Thursday , Feb. 27th, at 7:30 pm – please click here for details. The program by the Concert and Symphonic Bands will be covering a wide range of musical themes. Hope you can all make it!

We request the Band parents to please donate cookies/fruits for the post-concert reception. Items can be dropped off in the lobby beginning at 7:00 pm.
Thank you for your support!

Winter orchestra concert photos and video

Many thanks to Kevin Goto for taking photos and videos of last week’s Winter Orchestra Concert! View his gallery here:!i=3085993234&k=jJHJFxM

Winter newsletter is here

Click here to view our second newsletter of the year!
This is a very busy time of year – some of the Band kids are performing tonight at JM at the first-ever Moraga Area Band Festival! And, of course we have a phenomenal Orchestra concert coming up tomorrow – with two renowned guest artists!
So make sure you find your way to CPAC tomorrow by 7:30 pm – and sit back and enjoy!
Also, if you could please bring a dessert to share, that would be wonderful!

Winter Orchestra concert and reception this Thursday

Our winter concerts will be in two parts – Orchestra this week and Bands the next. This Thursday, Feb. 20th, the Orchestra will be putting on quite a show beginning at 7:30 pm – please click here for details. Hope you can all make it!

We request the orchestra parents to please donate cookies/fruits for the post-concert reception. Items can be dropped off in the lobby beginning at 7:00 pm.
Thank you for your support!

Great job!

What a wonderful performance by our Jazz kids this past weekend at the Jazz Dinner Dance! They were really awesome – so much energy, enthusiasm and talent! And Mr. Johnson made the evening truly memorable!
A huge thank you to Donia and Sonja – it was a beautifully organized, sold-out event! Everybody I talked to wants to be there next year – a fantastic compliment to the hard and thoughtful work put in by these two committee chairs!
Many thanks to all of you who were there – your presence made the evening a success. If you couldn’t make it this year – no worries – it will happen again next year so mark your calendars now. You don’t want to miss it!